Canada: Leading the Way in Winter Sports

For many years, Canada has been recognized as a pioneer and a leading country at Winter Sports. Indeed, the results obtained in the Winter Olympics are clear evidence of the top position of the country. Along its participations, covering from 1924 to 2014, Canada has accumulated a total number of 170 Olympic medals, including 62 gold medals

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Canadian Winter Culture: Dog Sledding

Canada was given the name of "The Land of the Ice and Snow". There, Winter plays an important role in people's lifestyle and it is a main component of the Canadian culture.

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Canadian Winter Culture: The World's Largest Ice Skating Rink

The Rideau Canal is a 202-kilometres waterway that connects the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, on the Ottawa River to the city of Kingston, Ontario, on Lake Ontario. In winter, a section of the Rideau Canal passing through the centre of Ottawa becomes the world's largest ice skating rink. The cleared length is 7.8 kilometres and represents the equivalent surface of 90 Olympic-size ice rinks

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Canadians:The Ice Rinks Masters

Although modern refrigeration technology has made it possible to make ice anywhere, Canadians are seen as natural ice makers in the same way as French are regarded as born vintners. Canadian ice expertise is displayed in broad number of sports applications such as curling arenas, hockey rinks, figure-skating venues, speed-skating ovals, outdoor skating paths and in leisure facilities.

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Canada World Championship of Hockey 2016

Moscow, Russia -- On May 22th, Canada defeated Finland 2-0 in the gold medal game at the world ice hockey championship in Moscow. Canada won its 26th title, it's the first team to retain the championship since Russia in 2009.

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China to host 2021 Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships

Cancun, Mexico -- On June 9, the International Ski Federation (FIS) Council announced the 2021 FIS Freestyle Ski & Snowboard World Championships will be hosted at Zhangjiakou/Genting Resort, located 110 miles outside of Beijing, China.

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Montreal Canadiens at the Center of Ice Hockey History


Montreal is at the center of the development of the sport of contemporary ice hockey. On March 3rd, 1875, the first organized indoor hockey game was played at Montreal's Victoria Skating Rink between two nine-player teams.

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Producing Real Snow Indoors

Methods of making snow indoors include using crushed ice, shaved ice, cryogenic snowmaking and hoar frost growth systems. However, none of these approach the look, the feel and the performance of real snow.

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Turn Any Location Into a Curling Rink!

CTC in partnership with Rock Solid Productions is introducing to Asia innovative solutions for the grassroots development of curling.

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Structural Air Dome: The Great Alternative for Sports & Entertainment

The increasing concerns about pollution and its health consequences, as well as the unsuitable weather conditions limit the interest of the population in outdoor sports and leisure activities.

The Structural Air Dome is the greatest alternative solution to these problems. Inside the structure, it is possible to control the air quality and the climatic conditions for the safe practice of sports programs and other recreational activities.

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Sugar Shacks: A Sweet Canadian Tradition

The Sugar Shack is a Canadian tradition first introduced to New France, the area colonized by France in North America, by original settlers in the 17th century. They gained popularity in the beginning of the 19th century and nowadays are an important part of the French-Canadian culture.

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The Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making Technology

The Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making technology was first implemented in Japan and Europe for outdoor ski resorts to extend the skiing season.

CTC Ice & Snow has been successfully using this technology in indoor snow domes both in temperate and tropical climates, and in temperatures even above 20°C. It is highly reliable, operationally cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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Video Clip: Structural Air Dome

The increasing concerns about pollution and its health consequences, as well as the unsuitable weather conditions, limit the interest of outdoor sports and leisure activities.

CTC/Broadwell presents "The Structural Air Dome", a great solution for sports programs and other activities, allowing to control the air quality and climatic conditions. Sports programs are played year round and they are never canceled due to weather conditions or air pollution.

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