Our Applications


CTC’s engineering and design of ice and snow facilities provide the best quality of surface at a minimum cost. Our products can also be adapted to a wide range of environment, from artic, to temperate and tropical climates.

As a Canadian-led company, our concern about the environment has led us to develop and provide Eco-Friendly solutions. The indirect cooling mode we recommend, uses a small amount of natural refrigerant such as CO2 or ammonia, which are environmentally friendly, energy-efficient and low-cost. Our customer’s energy costs are greatly reduced using CIMCO’s award winning ECO-CHILL heat recovery system as well as our high-efficient dehumidifier system.

1. Refrigeration systems

We provide complete and customized refrigeration systems to meet our customer needs. Our pre-assembled refrigeration packages are the best solution compared to built-on-site refrigeration systems. They are ready to be installed on site by simply adding electrical and pipeline services.

Our products are manufactured and assembled within controlled standards that ensure higher quality and reduce the overall project timeline.

2. Snow Production Technologies

Our Snow projects include indoor ski resorts to winter entertainment facilities. We provide complete, robust and adapted solutions according to our clients' needs. By using high-technology and processes, our indoor facilities can be enjoyed in both temperate and tropical climates. We propose two different solutions:

  • Real Snow for Indoor Facilities-6o

Our solution to produce real snow is based on the natural snowing process. To recreate this process, CTC has designed an integrated winter environment composed of a refrigeration system, snowmakers, coolers, refrigerated flooring system, heat recovery and humidity control. This solution produces the best quality snow with the highest cost-efficiency standards.

By using Technoalpin’s advanced indoor snowmaker, it is possible to control the size of the snow droplet, its shape, and the snow density to create different types of snow, from powder to spring snow (100 kg/m3 to 300 kg/m3). The technical features and production performances of the S6 allow indoor ski centers’ operator to build the initial snow cover easily on the indoor centers’ trails. Then the S6 will maintain and refresh the snow cover on a daily basis according to the needs to satisfy the centers’ guests.

The snow is produced at an indoor temperature of approximately –3 ~-5°C, which can rise to -2°C during the operation of the facility. This technology uses a sophisticated control system that monitors and adjust the parameters throughout the system operation stages, optimizing the energy consumption.

  • Eco Snow All-Weather Technology

As an alternative solution, the "All-Weather Technology" could be used in all kinds of climates and temperatures (even above 15 ~20°C for snow production), making it suitable for indoor facilities and outdoor temporary snow parks. Using this solution will result in lower energy consumption and provide acceptable snow quality.

This technology incorporates the highest quality flaked ice generators, the most efficient technology for artificial snow production. The pattern of the snow guns incorporates a particular device that cuts the ice flake size and a rotary vane that converts the ice into the desired snow needed. The solution produces subcooled and crushed flake ice at -6°C by using a heat exchange operation.

3. Refrigerated Floor

Depending on the project requirements, we will recommend either the use of concrete or sand floor. Our refrigerated floor design includes a sand layer for levelling, heating piping system to avoid frost or sweat, vapor barrier, insulation layer and refrigeration piping system for the ice production.

The refrigerated floor is built in compliance with international standards. With proper use and maintenance, the whole system lasts up to 25 years.

4. Heat Recovery System

Our heat recovery system is the proven method to lowering energy costs in your facility. It recycles and re-uses the energy used to maintain the facility at the needed temperature, providing sufficient heating for the building, fresh air systems, soothing temperature, hot water preheating for showers, under-floor radiant heating, ice resurfacing and snow melting system.


5. Dehumidification System

Moisture is one of the main problems for refrigerated facilities. The air moisture created not only affects the quality of the building structure but can also impact the facility user’s personal safety when the situation becomes critical.

The most efficient way to eliminate fog and condensation is by using an efficient dehumidification system. We provide the best dehumidification solution for our customers by using the DESICON system.

6. Automated and Infrared Control Systems

We are the leader company in the application of automation technology. We provide our customers with automated microprocessor control solutions for refrigeration equipment in Ice & Snow facilities.

  • Automated System for Ice Rinks

The 6000 Series Automation Control System, developed by CIMCO, constantly records the ice surface temperature with an infrared camera and transmits it to the microprocessor. This information allows the microprocessor to control all the ice rink mechanical and electric systems during all phases of the operation, to ensure the best ice surface condition and optimal energy consumption.

  • Automated Systems for Snow Domes

Our snow production systems include a fully automatic/self-monitoring indoor snowmaking system requiring only a start/stop/set-point signal from the site BAS. This device ensures that all the “system parameters” are within the operating values and that there are no broken, miss-attached or blocked hoses. In the case of any problems, the unit will go into self-protection mode, blow down and shut off or wait for the parameters to return within acceptable limits.

7. Air Dome

The Air Dome is a highly convenient, safe and efficient structure:

  • Attractive architectural design
  • Lower construction costs than a traditional steel structure
  • Short completion time: production & installation
  • Portable and easy to disassemble
  • No need of structural columns
  • More than 180 m span, providing flexible space.
  • Safe: unique patented Bias-harness cable net system
  • Resistance to more than 16-degree typhoons (T-10) and 250 Kg/m2 snow load
  • Low energy consumption: patented with the "thermal layer"
  • Advanced automation control system


The air quality inside the Air Dome is much better than outside; there are 2.5 particles per million (PM) less.

8. Ice Rink Equipment & Accessories

  • Dasher Boards

High-quality dasher board systems, from general purpose for ice skating, to professional ice hockey standards. The cheap rolex replica frames are made of superior mechanically assembled aluminium, ensuring compliance with all the safety standards.

  • Ice Resurfacers

Ergonomically designed ice resurfacers. The controls and gauges in the operator’s compartment are placed for optimal visibility during the resurfacing process. The machine includes electronic governor and familiar automobile-style foot controls to facilitate the operation, as well as hydrostatic transmission offering unmatched power at any speed. The efficient engine lowers the fuel consumption and maintains a cleaner environment.