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For people living in Nordic countries, winter is a lifestyle and a cultural element. For others, the winter experience is out of their reach. However, thanks to the technological advances in refrigeration, CTC can recreate winter in locations with hot temperatures, or during warm seasons.

CTC Ice & Snow aims to bring a winter experience to everyone by introducing new ice and snow entertainment concepts, where specific sports skills are not required.

We have participated in several projects related to ice and snow entertainment facilities, providing ground-breaking concepts and highly efficient infrastructures. CTC has recently delivered innovative designs for Zhangjiajie Ice and Snow World and Xiamen Newhuadu Ice and Snow World in China. See more of our projects here here.

Furthermore, our projects are guaranteed to be the best available through the strict application of the following schemes:

Exclusive core equipment – guarantees high quality and effectiveness
Production assembly in China – cost-effective
International team supervision – rigorous, reliable
Tailor-made system – adaptable and flexible solutions
Use of green technologies – environmentally sound

1. Ice & Snow Recreational Centre

The ice & snow Recreational venue will be a major attraction for cultural centres, shopping malls, touristic venues and science parks. The decor and the ambience inside the facility, related to the winter culture, offer an exciting and unique experience to visitors. The participation in the recreational activities generally doesn’t require specific skills, allowing the whole family to replica tag heuer enjoy a variety of attractions.

The Recreational Centre is an enclosed refrigerated facility with controlled parameters such as temperature and humidity, where ice and snow elements are introduced in order to provide a full winter experience all year round.

2. Entertainment On Ice & Snow

Ice Elements



Snow Elements