About Us

Who We Are

"The Ice & Snow Specialists from Canada"

CTC Ice & Snow is a Canadian company, leading provider of winter sports and recreational facilities, from ice rinks to winter recreational centres, as well as full array of sports and events management services.

The company has been present in China since 1999 and was officially established in 2008 by a Canadian-led management team with over 30 years of experience in the refrigeration sector. CTC has successfully delivered more than 100 world-class projects to a wide range of clients in Asia and around the world, becoming one of the pioneers and one of the references of the Ice & Snow industry.

In every ice & snow project, you will find in CTC an expert partner to achieve your objectives. Our passion for what we do, and our track-record, is a testimony to the importance we attach to offering excellent product quality, performance and cost efficient design solutions to our customers.

With a global presence, CTC Ice & Snow is registered in China as CTC Ice&Snow Sports Culture (Beijing) Ltd, in Hong Kong as  CTC Group Ltd, in Singapore as  CTC Ice & Snow Technologies (Singapore) PTE. Ltd, and in Canada as  CTC Group Canada Inc.


Creating unique and affordable winter experiences of the best functional quality, making winter sports & entertainment available to all.

Our Values:


We believe in achieving excellence while acting ethically and with integrity, living up to the expectations of all of our partners and in respect of the environment.


Innovation and creativity are the key to differentiate ourselves, and offer to our clients the products and services they require.

Dedication to excellence

We recognize that our clients deserve nothing less than perfection from us, as such, we are dedicated to achieve the highest criterion of excellence in all our projects.

Customer orientation

Our customers are at the center of all our ideas, and finding ways to fulfill their needs nourishes our creativity, producing and delivering products perfectly fitted to their expectations.

What We Do

"Real Ice & Snow for Sports & Entertainment"

CTC Ice & Snow is expert in delivering and managing world-class winter sports and recreational facilities through a total solution offering.

We offer to our clients a complete end-to-end service portfolio to assure successful ice & snow projects. We will accompany you from the planning phase, to project execution and all the way to facility and sports events management.


CTC provides outstanding concepts, high-quality projects and long-lasting ice & snow sports and recreational facilities, based on cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, and adaptable to any kind of climate and weather conditions, indoor and outdoor. Our turnkey solution includes:

  • Planning
  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Installation & Project Management
  • Commissioning
  • Operation & After-Sales Services


Not only we deliver to you a highly sophisticated infrastructure for any of your ice and snow needs, but we can also support you in managing it and creating sports & entertainment events to attract your public. We offer:


We are determined to deliver to our customers the best products and services available. All our solutions are designed and implemented by our in-house experts and in collaboration with our specialised partners, for guaranteed results and economic viability.

Who We Serve

CTC offers its services to a broad range of clients in Asia and around the world for a variety of project scopes. From shopping malls, Olympic installations, recreational community centers, to winter cultural venues and sports facilities.

We are proud to be able to service clients that include:

  • Regional and provincial governments
  • Real-Estate companies
  • Property developers
  • Individuals
  • Sports and entertainment organization

And many more…

The customization of our products and services allows us to meet the particular budgeting and functional needs of each client.

Our proficiency and commitment ensure clients with quality products and long-term after-sale services, to develop long-lasting relationships. That is why our clients rely on us for a guarantee of reliability and durability. Indeed, whatever your size and objectives are, we have the expertise and commitment to help you achieve them, and you can be assured that CTC will have the suitable solution for you.