The Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making Technology

The Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making technology was first implemented in Japan and Europe for outdoor ski resorts to extend the skiing season.

CTC Ice & Snow has been successfully using this technology in indoor snow domes both in temperate and tropical climates, and in temperatures even above 20°C. It is highly reliable, operationally cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

How we make it

The Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making Technology produces high-quality snow using a heat exchange process. It involves producing very small and adjustable particles of sub-cooled flake-ice, crushing it and spraying it in the form of crystals on the ski slopes to form the base of snow.

This technology incorporates ice flake generators, which are designed and adapted especially for this application, and an ice crusher that will convert the ice into the desired snow. The snow produced is pneumatically conveyed in a flow of cold air via flexible hoses, from the ice reserve into the building. The nozzle at the end of the hoses allows the operator to direct the snow in various locations.

Unlike conventional snow-making techniques which call for an inside temperature in the range of –10 °C, the Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making Technology is compatible with marginal temperatures near 0°C, and can be easily produced with the temperature well exceeding 20°C, if necessary. Therefore, if any problem occurs with the air cooling system, snow can still be produced and maintained in any circumstances, providing a total reliability and great flexibility for your operations.

Furthermore, significant energy savings will be achieved in the operation of the facility from maintaining the inside mass of air above the freezing point rather than –10°C.

Snow Making

Snow will be produced continuously prior to the opening of the installation to the public until the average snow thickness reaches 50 cm. The Snow will be distributed on the cold areas to provide the most enjoyable ski and snowboarding slopes, or snow gameplay areas for kids.

Machine-made snow when is groomed properly maintains its consistency longer. A special attention will be paid in order to provide the best snow quality with outstanding mechanical properties for a good glide for experienced skiers but also an easy evolution for learners.

User Comfort

Another advantage with higher temperature range is that it will be more comfortable for the users who will not suffer a quick and unhealthy temperature drop (from the high temperature outside the dome, down to –10°C) when entering the snow building, and it is much more enjoyable skiing at a warmer temperature.

The “Qiaobo” and “Snowcastle” Snow Domes

CTC, “The Ice & Snow Specialists from Canada” has designed and built two important snow facilities using the Eco Snow All Weather Snow-Making Technology. One of them is “Qiaobo Ice and Snow World”, located in Beijing. This facility has a snow area of 261 m x 77 m for a total of 20,000 m2 and is mainly used for skiing, snowboarding and sliding.

The second one is “Snowcastle”, located in Busan, South Korea and with a total snow area of 16,250 m2 (250 m x 65 m), designed for alpine sports and entertainment activities.