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Sports Facilities

Our turnkey solution approach, along with our expertise, explain why we have been preferred to participate in the development of some of the high-profile ice & snow sports facilities across Asia. Our track record includes Hong Kong’s Mega Ice, The Rink at JCube in Singapore, Mercedes-Benz Arena in Shanghai, Taipei Arena in Taiwan and the Daqing winter sports park in China. See all our projects here.

By choosing CTC, your project is guaranteed to be of the highest standard available and adjusted to your needs, according to:

  • The size
  • The planned activities and sports
  • The required equipment
  • The design
  • The location
  • The budget

1. Ice Rinks

CTC is capable of delivering various types of ice rinks of diverse sizes, purposes and for different locations. Our ice rinks are perfectly suitable for the practice of sports on ice such as ice hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating and public skating.

  • Olympic size Ice Rinks

Built according to international standards: 30 m x 60 m for a total surface of 1,800 sqm. Including professional equipment and auxiliary accessories in compliance with all the safety norms and requirement of different sports associations such as IIHL, ISU, WCF, IOC, etc.

  • Shopping Mall Ice Rinks

From various sizes, adapted to the space available in the shopping mall. They could be for sports and recreational purposes, increasing the foot traffic and providing a great winter experience to all visitors.

  • Sports and Practice Ice Rinks

Different sizes and adapted for community centers, schools, sports teams and clubs. Ideal to develop sports programs and to involve people in the practice of winter sports.

Our solutions also incorporate the design of the necessary prime areas according to the purpose of the facility for the optimal operation, including stands/seating areas, changing rooms, back and front of the house, pro shop, food & beverages area and sports bar.

2. Air Domes

The increasing concerns about pollution and its health consequences, as well as unsuitable weather conditions, limit the interest of the population for outdoor sports and leisure activities. As a great solution, in partnership with Broadwell, CTC presents the Air Dome with controlled air quality and climatic conditions for the safe practice of sports programs and other activities.

  • Air Dome for Sports & Entertainment

The air structure is specially designed for ice rinks and other kinds of sports and leisure facilities. It is composed of a double fabric layer with a middle insulation coat, in order to maintain a low temperature inside the facility, as required by the installation, within the minimum energy costs.

3. Curling Rinks

CTC designs and build curling rinks according to the standards of the World Curling Federation (WCF), allowing to host international competitions.

  • Single or Multi-lane

The size of the curling lane ranges from 146 to 150 feet (45 to 46 m) in length by 14.5 to 16.5 feet (4.4 to 5.0 m) in width. Several sheets may be laid out side by side in the same arena, allowing multiple games to be played simultaneously.

A target, the house圆垒 is centred on the intersection of the centre line, drawn lengthwise down the centre of the sheet and the tee line圆心线, drawn 16 feet (4.9 m) from, and parallel to, the backboard (the shorter borders of the sheet).

4. Speed Skating Ovals

Our solutions are in compliance with the International Skating Union (ISU). The speed skating oval is composed of a double-laned track with two curved ends each of 180°, in which the radius of the inner curve is not less than 25 metres and not more than 26 metres. The width of the competition lanes is 4 metres. At the opposite straight of the finishing line, there is a crossing area, where the skaters must change lane.

At international competitions, the track must be 400 metres long, with a warm-up lane at least 4 metres wide inside the competition lanes. For Olympic competitions, the track must also be enclosed within a building.

The speed skating ovals can be combined with ice rinks or curling rinks that can be installed in the middle of the facility.

5. Indoor Ski and Snowboarding Domes

Reliable indoor training facilities for sports clubs and professional teams with lifts operating full time, and without the vagaries of off-season weather or even the arrival of nighttime to worry about. It is possible to include all kind of slopes for different skill levels, from beginners, intermediates to advanced. These facilities are provided with real snow and are completely energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

6. Ski Jump Hills

CTC provides ski jump hills of different sizes, from temporary artificial snow structures to permanent competition venues.

7. Bobsleigh and Luge Tracks

The tracks are made of concrete, coated with ice. They are required to have at least one straight section and one labyrinth (three turns in quick succession without a straight section). Ideally, a modern track should be 1,200 to 1,300 metres (3,900–4,300 ft.) long and have at least fifteen curves. Speeds may exceed 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph), and some curves can subject the crews to as much as 5 g.

8. Ice Climbing

We provide artificial ice climbing walls for sports and leisure purposes.

9. Off-Ice Training Centers

As a perfect complement to your ice sports facility, CTC provides integrated off-ice training centers, offering the possibility to practice a series of drills such as:

  • Balance & Agility
  • Stationary Passing
  • Skating & Passing
  • Off-ice training goals and outcomes

9. No-Ice Solutions

  • Synthetic Ice Rinks

CTC brings SmartRinkTM, the best synthetic ice skating experience on the market today. Whether your application is a school, a hockey training center, a shopping mall, community or event, CTC is committed to making your project a success.

  • Iceless Curling

CTC brings Rock Solid Productions, the best educational play tools for curling fun.

Watch the video:

Street Curling™ set includes:

1 synthetic ice floor (10m x 2m)
2 sets of rings (in the synthetic floor)
8 Street Curling™ stones (4 red, 4 blue)
1 portable case (for stones)
1 border (attaches to synthetic floor)
1 scoreboard (paper board)
2 curling brooms
1 instructor manual

FloorCurlTM is an amazing product for a wide range of audiences including Schools, kids, seniors, and people with disabilities. Anyone can play it, and on the same level thanks to some of our adaptive accessories. The equipment is highly portable, can be set up and taken down quickly, and takes up almost no storage space.

FloorCurlTM set includes:
8 stones (4 red, 4 blue) + carry case
2 rings (target mats) + carry case
2 curling brooms
1 instructor manual