Sports & Entertainment

Sports & Entertainment

To support you in the day-to-day management of your facility, CTC can deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services to make sure that your facility is run as smoothly and profitably as possible. To that end, we provide you the following services:

  • Facility Management
  • Sports Events Management
  • Equipment & Facility Rental
  • Financing

By partnering with us, you get access to sophisticated facilities, highly qualified staff with years of experience in the ice & snow and winter sports industries and quality equipment from world-renowned brands, all at affordable rates, to ensure a successful project.

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Facility Management

By combining the expertise of our engineering team, we can serve a variety of refrigeration sectors, from sport and leisure ice rink and snow dome, cold storage and other refrigeration applications.

At CTC Ice & Snow, we understand that any high-standard projects should also select the best facility management solution.

CTC facility management is based on the Canadian operating model, including authentic Canadian methodology, while being adapted to the local project situation and market demands. Our management solutions include:

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Sports Events Management

CTC Ice & Snow offer a complete portfolio of services for any of your sports and entertainment needs. With our strong ties to the winter sports community in China, Asia and worldwide, and with the support of our experts in sports and events management, we can take your project to the next level.

We have throughout the years, been involved in numerous high-profile events in the sports and entertainment industry. Some examples of the projects and partners with whom we have been involved include the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, AEG, Hockey 5’s in Hong Kong and Beijing, CIHL Championship, Canada National Day in Beijing, the Montreal Canadiens, and many more.

By offering all aspects of event planning, from event management to media programs and game officials’ certification and recruitment, and all other necessities, you will have our full support for a successful and resounding winter sports & entertainment project.

  • Sports School & Training Programs

Canadian hockey development programs have been successful in teaching and training many of the top ice hockey players at the professional level. CTC brings several winter sports school & training programs of international reputation, such as The Montreal Canadiens Hockey School. (click here to learn more about this program)

The Canadian training approach consists of developing players, with an emphasis on teamwork first, whether it is a fun league or a competitive touring team. Using this grassroots methodology it is possible to develop players' skill levels from beginners to the competitive level, from age 5 and older.

Utilizing the detailed Hockey Development Guide and systems established by Hockey Canada, through Canadian coaches with certification programs and training plans for:


  • Detailed training programs allow coaches to follow a structured training program for player development through on-ice instruction manuals
  • Coaches’ development programs allow individual coaches to prepare properly to lead and instruct their teams in accordance with proven systems
  • Regular coaching clinics will develop and improve overall standards for coaches in our programs

We also bring a comprehensive Officiating Program allowing for consistency and professionalism for referees from the beginner stage through to the competitive stage.


CTC provides detailed practice plans for a wide range of activities, focusing on the fundamentals designed to create an all-round player through:

  • Free Skating
  • Balance & Agility Programs
  • Stationary Passing
  • Skating & Passing
  • Practices, Games & Tournament Preparation
  • Off-ice training goals and outcomes


Our programs are developed and lead by Chen Lu, China’s first and only World Figure Skating Champion, and two-time Olympic Games Medalist. As the head of China’s largest skating club, she had over 50,000 trained registered members nationwide. In additional figure skating development, she has created ice dance shows, television programs and demonstration events that will be on display on the main ice surface.

  • Events Management
  • Sponsorships
  • Sports Marketing
  • Media Programs

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Rental Services

CTC provides to its clients the best equipment available for their rental needs. We offer temporary solutions for ice and snow facilities, whether it is for outdoor or indoor activities, or for your product launch, media gathering, group activity, gala, ice show or special event.

Our rental equipment includes:

Ice Rink Equipment:
Hockey dasher board; ice edger; ice resurfacer; ice painting system; ice paint; skate sharpener; hockey goals; protection nets; rubber flooring; skates; curling.

Snow Dome Equipment:

T-bar; lifts; portable magic carpet; snow resurfacer; snowmakers; ice machine.

Refrigeration Technology:

Complete refrigeration system.

  • Facility Rental Solution

We also offer a specific facility rental solution applied to facility management for short-term and temporary needs. We deliver to you a complete ice facility, providing the manufacturing and installation process, the equipment and staff needed for profitable rental projects, and finally the removal of the whole structure once it is not needed anymore. Throughout the years, we have completed numerous temporary ice rinks with constants success and achieved the first ever air dome ice rink in China as a rental project.

Our temporary facilities are safe, reliable and delivered in record time, and suitable for any project scope and size.

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Financial Services

In addition to providing technical and management support to ensure the successful completion of your project, also provide financial services, making of your endeavor a reality.

We offer a diversified array of financial support according to the specificities of your project, encompassing a comprehensive and prudent risk management system, as well as affordable and flexible short-term and long-term conditions.

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