We bring ideas and concepts to life by using our outstanding experience and resources. From engineering design, manufacturing, installation and project management, to commissioning, operation and after sales services, CTC provides the best integrated solutions on the market.


By combining the expertise of our engineering team, we can serve a variety of refrigeration sectors, from sport and leisure ice rink and snow dome, cold storage and other refrigeration applications.

Our refrigeration engineering system combines world-leading components and processes from renowned brand such as Cimco, Frick/York and TechnoAlpin, and in-house technologies, which are assembled by our experienced engineers. Furthermore, Research and Development is a priority at CTC, and we continuously invest in developing new technologies and processes, as well as forming strategic alliances with world-leading refrigeration specialists.

Our ability to design, build and efficiently install, allow our multi-task approach to ensure the requirement are met while reducing the length of time require to complete a project. We make sure that all our systems and completed facilities are energy efficient as well as environmentally friendly.

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At CTC, we are proud to be using the most advanced technology in the refrigeration industry. We provide patented technology developed by our own highly-qualified engineers, as well as through our strategic partnership with worldwide leaders in cooling technology.

The importance we attribute to the quality and sophistication of the technology we use, gives us an edge over our competitors, ensuring that we deliver a cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and reliable solution to our clients.

Procurement & Manufacturing

Our manufacturing and service factory in Yanjiao, North of Beijing, produces and assemble key components for CTC’s equipment and systems. Our workforce is trained and supervised by high-skilled supervisors with accumulated experience coupled with state-of-the-art means of production with continuously improved processes to ensure the highest product quality and reliable, on-time order execution.

The high technical level of CTC’s packaged systems requires the highest manufacturing standards, systematic organization, clearly defined manufacturing processes, and well-trained employees with group-wide quality policy contributes to standardize all internal requirements and to enhance the integration processes of our strategic partners.

Installation & Project Management

CTC’s Installation Monitoring and Evaluation make sure that every pieces of the project are assembled as efficiently and securely as possibly. Our technicians are factory trained to outfitted and perform installation service work on-site supervised by highly experienced site supervisors. By working in close collaboration with our clients, we make sure that all the projects prerequisites are respected, while strictly adhering to the highest degree of safety and quality measures in the industry.

After completing the installation, our team will proceed to start up the system and will ensure a successful first production of ice and snow in the facility and the correct operation of all the equipment.

With CTC, you are guaranteed a solid foundation for any of your ice & snow projects.

Operation & After-Sales Services

We understand our customers and their needs, and the good service means being responsive. We create local service teams that can be on site as quickly as possible and in a position to diagnose the problem and fix it. Our Certified technicians will provide in a professional and timely service.

Equipment Operation Programs:
With our Equipment Operation Program, we offer peace of mind for investors and operators. As the owner or operator of the facility, you can concentrate on your core business while having us supervise and oversee the safe and proper operation of your equipment.

  • 24-hour monitoring of the equipment
  • Supply qualified equipment operator
  • Overseeing ongoing training
  • Managing the equipment operator
  • Supervise the safety related issues and equipment

Preventive Maintenance:
A comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Program will ensure your refrigeration equipment and systems are maintained at their best performance. By doing a preventive maintenance, you will increase the life expectation of your systems.

We offer the programs to fit any budget:

  • Scheduled preventive maintenance services
  • Operating inspections and analysis
  • Operational system performance logging, shutdown and turnaround planning
  • Equipment vibration analysis
  • Oil analysis
  • Heat transfer fluid analysis
  • Fluid treatment system maintenance
  • Electronic sensor calibration
  • Ultrasonic leak and system integrity testing

Additionally, CTC offers technical support, remote monitoring and customized consultancy, system standardizing, equipment replacement and system upgrade services.

Please contact us here to review your needs and assistance in developing a comprehensive plan to ensure maximum reliability.