The First Large Speed Oval with CTC Group’s Ammonia Refrigeration System in China

April 6th, 2014

Daqing, China — On April 6th, 2014, the first "Longyou Cup" skating-lovers tournament was successfully held at the Daqing Speed Oval, marking the opening of one of CTC Group’s biggest successes. Located in the Daqing Olympic Park, the Daqing Speed Oval has a total size of 23,385.5 square meters, holds a Grade A architecture certification, and one of the most sophisticated technology and structural design in Asia.

CTC Group provided a tailored turnkey solution for Daqing Speed Oval, including the design, installation, and commissioning of the ice rinks and speed tracks, as well as technical service and training. One of our greatest technical achievements to date, the Daqing Speed Oval is a clear example of our mission to deliver high-quality and reliable services.