The 4th Annual Hockey Night in Beijing

April 14th, 2015

Hockey more than a sport is a lifestyle; this belief moves the organizers of the 4th Annual Hockey Night in Beijing, which purpose is to spread the hockey lifestyle in China. The event that will take place the 15th and 16th May, showcases the highest level of hockey in Beijing and brings together hockey enthusiasts in a fun-filled day-long experience.

The two-programmed hockey games: The world vs USA and Canada vs Finland, will be the main attraction of this event that no one will want to miss. Other activities, classic in the hockey lifestyle as BBQ, beer garden, live entertainment and interactive games, will be also available for visitors. "This is an amazing event, it was the first event in China to combine a hockey game, with all the lifestyle activities," said Curtis Dracz, the principal organiser.

CTC Group is an official sponsor of the event and will offer a synthetic-ice curling exhibition on Saturday 16th, where kids will have the opportunity to play this interesting winter sport. Also, we have prepared a surprise for Friday 15th.

We invite everybody to attend the event and join the hockey community in Beijing.

For more information, contact the Irish volunteer. Tel: 64385581