Reception for the Montreal Canadiens Alumni at the Canadian Embassy

January 14th, 2016

Beijing, China -- On January 13th, a reception was held at the guest house of the Canadian Embassy in Beijing, to welcome the four Montreal Canadiens Alumni Legends.

The reception started with a speech from the Canadian Ambassador, Mr. Guy Saint-Jacques: "I’m really excited to see that the kids start the training on the ice in such a young age, I’m a hockey fans since I was little, just like all the other kids from Quebec, we start to skate as soon as we start to walk. As the 2022 Winter Olympic Game will be held in Beijing, it is expected that more people will participate in winter sports in China. The Canadian people are longing to share their experience and excitement for winter sports with their Chinese friends".

CTC's Chairman and CEO, Mr. Guy Evon Cloutier said: "Hockey started in Montreal, the rules were settled in Montreal, and the first hockey game was also held in Montreal, that‘s the reason why Montreal was given the name as the World's Ice Hockey City and today we have to opportunity to bring to China the best of Hockey: The Montreal Canadiens"

The 5 Stanley Cup Champion, Mr. Steve Shutt spoke on behalf of the Montreal Canadiens Alumni Players: “From the last few days of the camp, I see the passion for hockey on the young Chinese players’ faces and in their eyes. This is absolutely an unforgettable experience. I would like to thank CTC for making this happen”.

By the end of the reception, the 4 Alumni Players gave Mr. Guy Saint-Jacques a signed jersey as a present.