Proudly Introducing CTC’s New Image

July 7th, 2015

The brand image is an essential element of a company that communicates its foundation, origin and purpose as a social construction. This year, on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of its first project in China, Cool Tech Corp (CTC Group) is pleased to introduce their new brand image to the public.

The CTC Group logo represents the corporate brand as a whole company performing different economic activities related either to leisure and industrial refrigeration.

The CTC Ice and Snow logo represents the division of the company that delivers total solutions for winter sports and entertainment facilities. As a branch of CTC Group, this logo is designed based on the main matrix and adding two elements: the words “Ice and Snow” underneath, stating the core competencies of the company, and a half maple leaf on the left, symbol of Canada, origin of the company, related to winter and also representing our pursuit of environmentally friendly solutions.

With the inheritance of CTC Group, the division CTC Ice and Snow offers premium products with the best quality, excellent services and the most advanced technology.

The rebranding initiative of CTC comes along with the rapid growth and expansion of its service scope and recent acquisitions. The company nowadays offers a complete scope of services to its clients, including planning, design-build projects and the operation and management of winter sports and entertainment facilities.