CTC's Ice Rink Technical Training in Beijing

September 21st, 2015

Beijing, China - The first Ice Rink Technical Training provided by CTC was successfully held in the Tangshan Hotel in Beijing from September 16 to 18. During the 3-days program, the 14 participants coming from 8 different cities in China improved their knowledge on the principles and the operation of ice rinks.

In terms of content, the training covered the fundamental and concept design of the refrigeration and electrical system, an introduction to the major components of a refrigeration system, the operation and commissioning of the ice rinks and the related equipment, the maintenance services, safety regulations, troubleshooting and CTC emergency service.

Highly qualified engineers from CTC were the instructors of this training program, sharing with the participants their broad experience in more than 100 projects that the company has successfully completed in Asia.

At the end of the program, the participants were faced to a final test in order to validate their knowledge. The 14 attendees successfully passed the test and received the certificate for ice rink technical training level 1, from Mr. Guy Evon Cloutier, Chairman & CEO at CTC. Congratulations to all of them!

On Saturday the 19th, CTC organized a trip to the Great Wall. The participants had the chance to enjoy the nice weather and take pictures in one of the most popular tourist destinations in Beijing.

For the next ice rink technical training: level 2, CTC is planning to provide more intensive content, and introduce the latest technology as well as the best practices for ice rinks operation and management. We are looking forward to your participation.