CTC Designs the Snow Playground for Xiangjiang Joy City

August 7th, 2015

Changsha, China - Xiangjiang Joy City, which belongs to the Mount Dawang Resort in Changsha, Hunan, is planning the construction of an indoor snow playground and an outdoor water park in the largest scale around the world. CTC is proud to participate in this project by providing an innovative design for the snow playground section of the complex.

The most spectacular fact of the project is its geographical location; the whole joycity is designed on a deserted mine pit which is over 300 m long, 200 m wide and100m high.

The large span and fall bring great challenge to the design. CTC deployed its brilliant creativity and its expertise in over 100 successful projects in Asia to create the most innovative and fuctional design in respect of the environment.

Under the theme of the Alps, the snow playground is designed to ensure a whole recreational experience in a multifunctional facility that hosts activities like skiing, skating, snow sliding and ultimate challenge. The skiing run, leaning against the slope of the mountain, which is 120 m long and 45 m wide, would be the main part of the resort. Other areas like the mountain covered in snow, the penguin zone, as well as the winter village offer the visitors the opportunity to enjoy a touch of the winter culture. Besides, there is a unique platform that provides splendid arts performance at night with special lighting and sound effects.

There will plenty of snow activities available in Xiangjiang Joy City as for example snow motor, snow maze, snow castle, snow sliding and penguin performance.

Xiangjiang Joy City has been under construction since 2014 and plans to open in May 2016. It is proposed to have 15 million of visitor volume annually and would become the icon of tourism of the Hunan province.