CTC Brought Street Curling to Quebec Day

June 24th, 2016

Beijing, China - The "Saint-Jean-Baptiste", Quebec National Day, was celebrated in Beijing last Thursday, June 23rd at the Westside Cafe in Prosper Center.

The Quebec National Day is a holiday celebrated annually on June 24th, the feast day of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist, a very popular event in the Ancien Régime of France. The tradition landed in Canada with the first French colonists and is celebrated since 1606.

Celebration activities include parades, bonfires, fireworks, feasting, drinking, and concerts.

The celebration in Beijing was organized by the Quebec Office in China and received a large number of guests from the Canadian community and friends.

CTC, as a sponsor of the event, presented Street CurlingTM, a demo set of the Olympic Sport providing the opportunity to everyone to experience and enjoy curling, which is an important part of the Canadian culture.