Our Business

Our Business

As a total solution provider of winter sports and leisure facilities, CTC Ice & Snow is proud to offer to its client a complete range of high-quality services in its 3 field of expertise, from the planning, execution and management of ice and snow facilities, to the organization of sports and entertainment events.



Sport & Entertainment

CTC Ice & Snow excel in delivering world-class winter sports and leisure infrastructure, suitable for a wide variety of conditions. We will follow you at each step of your project process, from the drawing board, to the manufacturing and installation, all the way the operation and management of the facility.

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CTC Ice & Snow organize and manage events of all sizes, from winter sports’ school to hockey tournaments.

Find out more about CTC's Sports & Entertainment services.


A world-class provider of multi-usage ice rinks

CTC Ice & Snow succeed in distinguishing itself by combining high-quality structure, outstanding design and long-lasting ice rink facilities, be it from our individual services or from our renowned turnkey solution. These advantages, along with our expertise, explain why we have been preferred to participate in the construction of the greatest and most high-profile ice & snow facilities across Asia, such as Hong Kong’s Mega Ice ice rink, or the Daqing winter sports park. By choosing CTC Ice & Snow, your project is not only guaranteed to be of the highest standard available, but also specifically adjusted to your needs, according to:

  • The size (From 900M2 to 1800M2)
  • The planned activities and sports (e.g. Ice Hockey; Curling; Figure Skating)
  • The required equipment
  • The design
  • The location (e.g. Shopping mall; Sports center; Outside rink)

And more...

It has been scientifically proven that CTC Ice & Snow’s engineering and design of ice rinks provide the best quality of ice surface at a minimum cost. Our products can also be adapted to a wide range of environment, from arctic, to temperate and tropical climates.

The indirect cooling mode we recommend, uses a small amount of refrigerant such as Co2 or ammonia, which are environmentally-friendly, has high-energy efficiency and low-cost. Our customer’s energy costs are greatly reduced using CIMCO’s award winning ECO-CHILL heat recovery system as well as our high-efficiency dehumidifier system.

Furthermore, all of our Ice & Snow facilities, are assured to be of the highest standard through the strict application of the following schemes:

  • Exclusive imported core equipment – Guarantees high-quality and effectiveness
  • Production assembly in China – Cost effective
  • International team supervision – rigorous, reliable
  • Tailor-made system – individualized
  • Use of green technologies – Environmentally sound

Structural air dome for sports & entertainment

The increasing concerns about pollution and its health consequences, as well as the unsuitable weather conditions, limit the interest of the population for outdoor sports and leisure activities. As the greatest solution, we present the Structural Air Dome with controlled air quality and climatic conditions for safe practice of sports programs and other activities. In conjunction with CTC Ice & Snow refrigeration expertise, the structural air dome the perfect solution for an easy build, safe and reliable ice sports environment.

Air dome: The most convenient, flexible and efficient structure

  • More than 180 m span
  • Safe – unique patented bias-harness cable net system
  • Resistance to more than 16 degree typhoons and 250 kg/m2 snow load
  • Low energy consumption – Unique patented with the “Thermal Layer”
  • Advance automation control system
  • Short installation time: around 10 days
  • Portable and easy to assemble

From Winter Olympics facilities to shopping-mall’s ice rink, community recreational center and structural air dome for sports & entertainment, CTC Ice & Snow has managed it all with constant success. Contact at us here if you want your project completed with a peace of mind.


Our Snow projects include from indoor ski resorts to winter entertainment facilities. We provide complete and robust solutions to our clients.

By using high-technology and processes, our indoor facilities can be enjoyed in both temperate and tropical climates.

  • Real Snow for Indoor facilities

Our solution to produce real snow is based on the natural snowing process. To recreate this process, CTC has designed an integrated winter environment composed of refrigeration system, snowmakers, coolers, refrigerated flooring system, heat recovery and humidity control. This solution produces the best quality snow with the highest cost-efficiency standards.

By using Technoalpin’s advanced indoor snowmaker, it is possible to control the size of the snow droplet, its shape and the snow density to create different types of snow, from powder to spring snow (100 kg/m3 to 300 kg/m3). The technical features and production performances of the S6 allow indoor ski centers’ operator to easily build the initial snow cover on the indoor centers’ trails. Then the S6 will maintain and refresh the snow cover on a daily basis according to the needs to satisfy the centers’ guests.

The snow is produced at an indoor temperature of approximately -3 ~-5°C, which can be risen to -2°C during the operation of the facility. This technology uses a sophisticated control system that monitors and adjust the parameters throughout the system operation stages, optimizing the energy consumption.

  • Eco-Snow All Weather Technology

As an alternative solution, the "all weather technology" could be used in all kinds of climates and temperatures (even above 15 ~20°C for snow production), making it suitable for indoor facilities and even for outdoor temporary snow parks. Using this solution will result in lower energy consumption and provide acceptable snow quality.

This technology incorporates the highest quality flaked ice generators, the most efficient technology for artificial snow production. The pattern of the snow guns incorporates a particular device that cuts the ice flake size, and a rotary vane that converts the ice into the desired snow needed. The solution produces sub cooled and crushed flake ice at -6°C by using a heat exchange operation.

Sports & Entertainment

CTC Ice & Snow offer a complete portfolio of services for any of your sports and entertainment needs. With our strong ties to the winter sports community in China and Asia, and with the support of our experts in sports and events management, we can take your project to the next level.

We have throughout the years, been involved in numerous high-profile events in the sports and entertainment industry. Some examples of the projects and partners with whom we have been involved include the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, AEG, Hockey 5’s in Hong Kong and Beijing, CIHL Championship, Canada National Day in Beijing, and many more.

By offering all aspects of event planning, from event management to media programs and game officials’ certification and recruitment, and all other necessities, you will have our full support for a successful and resounding winter sports project.

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