First Ice Rink Air Dome in Asia

June 10th, 2015

Beijing, China – CTC Group completed the first Ice Rink built inside an Air Dome in Asia; a pioneer project becoming a reference in the sports and entertainment industry. The facility, located in Beijing, is the home of a local amateur youth club that is eager to hit the ice. An opening ceremony was held on June 12th where members of the club, government representatives, media, as well as senior executives of CTC Group attended.

The project was built in an astonishing time of only 2 months, which may be a record within this kind of venue, representing an enormous challenge and recognition for both the installation of the Air Dome and the construction of the Ice Rink. CTC Group worked intensely to accomplish this project; the result is an outstanding facility, suitable for leisure activities and to host ice sports events especially Ice Hockey.

The entire structure of the Air Dome measures 61 meters long, 37 meters wide and 12.8 meters high. A major advantage of the structure is that the air quality inside is much better as there are PM2.5 less than the outside. Furthermore, the humidity can be better controlled and a glare-free lighting will provide a comfortable experience for all spectators as they enjoy the live action.

The ice rink was professionally designed and constructed by the CTC Group Ltd., “The Ice and Snow Specialist from Canada”. State of the art refrigeration technology, including custom-designed air-cooled chillers and dehumidifiers, as well as the best hockey equipment was used for this project. The facility has the highest standards of energy efficiency and is environmentally friendly.

When Beijing’s bid to host the 2022 Olympics is in full swing, this example of a reasonable cost, efficient and comfortable fully functional Ice Hockey facility, is a significant step forward to a rapidly growth need for more facilities, thus allowing more people in China to practice and enjoy winter sports.