CTC Attended the First Canada-China Sports Business Summit

Beijing, China – The first Canada-China Sports Business Summit was held at the Bird’s Nest culture center on November 13th. The event was hosted by Zhang bin, a sportscaster for CCTV and was attended by the Vice Secretary General of the Olympic Winter Games Bid Committee and Minister of Sport, Mr. Zhao Yinggang, Chief Development Officer of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Mr. Dave Hopkinson, honorary chairman of the Beijing Hockey Association, director Mr. Ying Da and former world figure skating champion, Miss. Chen Lu. This impressive panel put together exchanged their ideas on how to further develop winter sports in China.

Mr. Guy Evon Cloutier, the chairman and CEO of CTC was honored to be invited to attend the summit.

In the summit, Mr. Ying Da proposed that to achieve the goal of having 3 hundred million Chinese people participate winter sports, we need more ice rinks in China.

Mr. Dave Hopkinson mentioned in his speech that there are a lot more people play hockey back in Canada, therefore they pay a lot more attention on building ice rink. In China, more ice rink will be necessary to bear the weight of the growing population of people join winter sports. In the meantime, he thinks that ice and snow facility development will be an important investment direction.