BUCY and CARRIER, CIMCO and CTC had reached a strategic partnership agreement. The purpose of the strategic partnership agreement signed by is to create a new joint venture and together participate in the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic projects, and also jointly developing the Ice and Snow business in China, providing all the necessary services to serve the industry , from planning to operation, including Turn Key project for any type of ice and snow facilities.


In a landmark decision guided by the International Olympic Committee (IOC), natural refrigerant CO2 (R-714) refrigeration systems will be used in most of the Beijing 2022 ice venues. This will decrease the overall carbon footprint of the Winter Olympic games in Beijing. The decision was announced by the Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee, as part of a joint alliance with the United Nations for the Climate Action framework agreement, led by the IOC.

This will be the first time that CO2 technology is used in China for such project and also the first time at the Olympic Games. It signifies a reduction of carbon emissions equal to the yearly footprint of almost 3,900 cars (more than 26,000,000 kg). A similar carbon reduction could also be achieved by planting more than 1,200,000 trees.

“This is a landmark decision which could potentially help address the issue of climate change, both in China and even globally,” said Juan Antonio Samaranch, Chair of the IOC Coordination Commission for these Games. “We are pleased to see that the IOC’s close collaboration with Beijing 2022 has resulted in such an important outcome.”

The decision was made possible thanks to close collaboration between Beijing 2022, International Sports Federations and the IOC, which provided guidance and technical expertise on the topic. As a result, natural CO2 refrigerant, which have no impact on the environment, will be used in the Beijing 2022 speed skating, figure skating and short track venues, as well as the ice hockey training venues.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games projects at the Olympic Park

Our group contribution to the mission:

CIMCO from Canada, which provided the EPC projects for ALL the ice surfaces for 2 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and Calgary in Canada.

Following its successful experience in many large-scale international sports events, our group of companies had teamed together to create a consortium to secure some of the most important projects for the coming Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

And we are delighted to announce that our consortium had been recently rewarded for offering an unapparelled level of expertise and technical capability, combined with the hard preparation works of the alliance. We are proud to had been selected for the design build of this very important project as described below, this following extremely challenging and competitive international bidding process:

The National Indoor Skating Oval (NSSO)

The National Speed ​​Skating Stadium, also known as the "Ice Ribbon", is the only new ice competition venue in the Beijing Winter Olympics Park, and the future Iconic venue of the Winter Olympic Games in 2022. The main stadium covers an area of ​​about 80,000 square meters and can accommodate 12,000 spectators. The interior of the National Speed ​​Skating Center has adopted an all-ice surface and multi-purposes design concept, a first in the world.

After the completion, the National Speed ​​Skating Hall will be a green and environmentally friendly smart venue with the highest standards of Green Building. For this unique project, our consortium is responsible to for the design-build of the most advanced CO2 Transcortical with direct expansion cooling ice-making technology. The patented and imported custom engineered system will also be equipped with state of the art ice monitoring automation system, can accurately control the ice surface temperature, thickness and consistency for each zone. The waste heat generated during the refrigeration process will be fully recycled and used for the stadium heating hot water for ice making process and showers, ice melting, and the efficient control of temperature and humidity all year around. The innovative and smart "Ice Ribbon" is expected to be completed by the end of 2020, ready to host some pre-games International competition.

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CIMCO Refrigeration, a division of Toromont Industries Ltd. is a Canadian company founded 107 years ago, a world recognized pioneer and leader in the field of ice and snow and refrigeration engineering and technologies, with more than 6,000 ice and snow projects successfully completed around the world;

CIMCO’s highly skilled professional refrigeration designers and engineers have been providing reliable, cost effective and energy efficient solutions to our customer, the Winter Olympic games and the NHL, among other. Our global vision and understanding of the multiple details and disciplines related to sustainable operation of sport, recreational and industrial complexes, does enable us to provide the right and adapted solutions to a wide range of projects and specific requirement. CIMCO, the COLD SPECIALIST – You can Expect the Best from us.

About CTC Group :

Canadian Ice and Snow and refrigeration specialists, CTC is the long time strategic partner of CIMCO and BUCY and is active in China for more than 15 years and is a leading provider of world-class consulting services, project management and integration of systems for Ice and Snow projects, should it be for ice rink, snow dome, snow and ice playground, curling, custom ice surface, for sports or leisure, indoor or outdoor. The company also offers total Solutions, integrated and adapted to the specific needs of each project, from planning, design, engineering, technologies, installation, after sales support, facility management, operation and sports content. CTC built Asia’s first Air Dome Ice Rink in Beijing. The ICE and Snow Specialist from Canada and trailblazer and pioneer of Ice and Snow in China and Asia.

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