CTC Introduces New Concepts for Winter Sports Devt to CIFTIS

May 31st, 2016

Beijing, China – The China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS) debuted last Saturday, May 28th at the National Convention Center in Beijing. CIFTIS-Sports is an important part of the exhibition and is recognized as the region's leading sports services event, showcasing the most advanced products and solutions on the market.

CTC, "The Ice & Snow Specialists from Canada" participates to this event presenting innovative solutions for the development of winter sports in China. As the main feature this year, in partnership with Rock Solid Productions from Canada, CTC is introducing to Asia the "Street Curling", a pioneering concept for the grassroots development of curling. This solution consists of a unique no-ice curling system combined with a superior training program that aims to bring fun to everyone, while initiating the participants to the sport and teaching them the most basic principles and rules of this discipline.

The Street Curling has attracted a lot of attention during the event; from the general public to the press and the local government. Mr. Sun Xue Cai, Director of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports visited the zone to try the product, having a very positive impression and recognizing the great potential of this solution for the development of winter sports in Beijing. Also, important media as China Daily, Beijing news, and Beijing TV reported on this showcase.

EZ FM radio interviewed CTC’s Sales Vice President, Mr. Johnny Wu about the development of winter sports in China and how to get more people to practice, especially with the coming Winter Olympics that will take place in Beijing in 2022. Mr. Wu explained: “Developing a good level of winter sports is a long term process and needs to be worked from the grassroots. But first of all, we need to show the sports to the people, they need to discover and learn. If we look at curling for example, is not easy to access to professional facilities in China; solutions as the Street Curling are ideal for developing winter sports, since we can introduce the sport to kids in an effective way, let them have fun, learn and enjoy, and once they are ready we can take them to the next level, to practice the sport in a more professional way".

CTC in partnership with Broadwell is presenting another great solution for the development of winter sports in China: the “Structural Air Dome”. The Structural Air Dome is an efficient alternative to the increasing concerns about pollution and its health consequences, as well as the unsuitable weather conditions that limit the interest of the population in outdoor sports and leisure activities. Inside the structure, it is possible to control the air quality and the climatic conditions for the safe practice of sports programs and other recreational activities. In fact, in 2015 both companies built the Asia’s first Air Dome Ice Rink. The project was completed in an astonishing record time of only two months and is the home of a Beijing youth hockey club.